About OG Milk Caps

For those of you that weren't around. 1994 was the birth of the internet. Like literally... (Shout out to TB-L for the WWW!!) Yahoo was founded, AOL still came on a floppy disk and our parents were trying to stop us from playing Doom.

It was also the peak of pogs.

As 7 year olds we spent hours collecting and flipping the damn things.

2021, like 1994, is witnessing the birth of a new web experience and massive cultural shifts are happening within this space. But where are the Milk Caps? We're bringing them back! Starting with complete digital remixes from our founders' 1994 collection.

We've got 8-Balls, we've got Poisons, we've even got a slammer still with us and ready to flip.

What is our plan?

Phase Zero


Identify POGS that have no active copyright. DONE.


Re-create digitally scans of old POGS. DONE.


Launch Web3 enabled website for minting process. DONE.

Phase One


OG Milk Caps '94 Randomized release of 7394 updated and remixed versions of original milk caps collections from the early 90's.


Token Launch. Stack up your OG Milk Caps to earn $CAPS tokens which can be used to pop new cap designs and forge powerful slammers in different collections. $CAPS will be used as the primary token in any future games.

a. 1000 $CAPS tokens to be immediately claimable to first 1000 mints.
b. 500 $CAPS tokens to be immediately claimable to mint #s 1000-3394.


OG Milk Caps '94 Owners Editions Auctions of the original versions of the OG Milk Caps. Owners of each original mint will receive a % of trading royalties from their corresponding OG Milk Cap design.

a. More details on these to come.


New Designs and Collabs

a. New mints to select partner communities.
b. New designs and functions released for existing OG holders.


Game deployment. Play for fun, play for keeps,make side-bets!

Remember your POGz!